Meet Anvij Saxena

Meet Anvij Saxena

Anvij Saxena is our Chief Risk Officer at Insignia Financial. He leads a team of dedicated risk professionals, whose role it is to help the company comply with its obligations, and ensure we manage risks appropriately, acting in the best interests of our members, clients and shareholders.

Anvij has been with the company for over a year – what attracted him to join is the passion employees have for delivering great outcomes for our members and clients. He was also excited by the opportunity to really shape the way we think about superannuation, retirement, investments and advice for Australians.

Outside work, Anvij loves to cook, and is also passionate about finding a cure for autoimmune conditions, particularly Type 1 diabetes.

Watch Anvij’s full interview to find out his strategic vision for the next three years, what he thinks a ‘best in breed’ workforce includes, and what financial wellbeing means to him.