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Every day we help Australian secure their future

Whether it’s simply the peace of mind of a day-to-day budget, or the aspiration of a comfortable and dignified retirement, every day we help Australian secure their future and wellbeing.

Underpinning our intent to help more Australians secure their future is a set of diversified business capabilities, allowing us to deliver affordable and accessible services for clients and members, helping them create financial wellbeing.

Our services

Financial advice

Our extensive network of advisers provide financial advice options along the spectrum – from guidance and coaching to episodic and holistic advice, based on client needs.

The network includes our employed groups, Bridges and Shadforth, self-employed advice businesses under license: RI Advice and Consultum, as well as self-licensed offerings such as IOOF Alliances and MLC Connect.

Superannuation, pension and investment platforms

As one of the largest superannuation and pension providers in Australia, we offer a number of award-winning solutions used by many of Australia’s largest employers and independent advisers.

We have built a strong and contemporary technology platform and remain committed to investing in technology and our services to support the changing needs of our clients.

Asset management

We offer access to a broad suite of investment capabilities across a range of multi-asset and single asset classes, designed to suit a wide range of investor needs and risk profiles.

Our investment management is driven by a highly skilled team of investment professionals, operating out of Australia, the USA and UK.