Our focus is on creating financial wellbeing for all Australians

Financial advice support needs to be available and accessible for all Australians, across the advice continuum – from tips, coaching, and guidance to holistic advice and everything in between. We are committed to providing Australians with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to confidently shape their financial future.

Responsible investment, ESG integration and stewardship

Insignia Financial seeks to deliver the investment returns our clients need while understanding the importance of ESG factors. We are constantly exploring ways to align investment decisions with stakeholder interests and our vision for a more sustainable future.

Work has also commenced on aligning our investment businesses to the Principles for Responsible Investment. We’ve also begun climate risk assessments across our range of in-house multi-manager funds, including our MySuper funds.

financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing and advice accessibility

Financial wellbeing can significantly influence personal wellbeing and strengthen broader social cohesion. As the investment and super landscapes grow more complex, the benefits of accessible expert financial advice are increasingly apparent. By encouraging greater financial literacy and fostering more access to advice with innovative solutions, our aim is to meet the financial needs of a wider range of Australians.

product innovation simplification

Product simplification

Product simplification and innovation makes our solutions more accessible, easier to use and more client-focused.

By streamlining multiple products, we’re delivering efficiency at scale. Our product simplification roadmap aims to remove complexity and create opportunities for substantial growth. Through intelligent expense management and scale efficiencies, we can deliver our services to clients at a reduced cost, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

financial freedom

The Financial Freedom Report

In early 2023, we conducted bespoke research to explore the aspirations of Australians across age, gender and other characteristics. Specifically, we wanted to understand how Australians’ aspirations have changed in a post-pandemic, high-inflation environment.

Using the insights generated by the research, we created a Financial Freedom Index to measure how Australians are positioned to live a life of financial independence.

Read our Financial Freedom Report

ESG report

Working towards a sustainable future

Read more about the role we are playing in working towards sustainable outcomes in our business operations, and the products and services we offer.