Climate change and our approach to a sustainable future 

We recognise the science of climate change and acknowledge businesses need to play a role in reducing emissions and waste, and to help transition to a renewable economy. It is important for us to understand climate change and the risk impacts it can have on our supply chains, investment portfolios and the communities we serve, so we can develop strategies to manage and mitigate these risks appropriately.

Operational environmental impacts

In July 2022, we became a carbon-neutral organisation through measuring and offsetting our operational carbon emissions. This achievement has been furthered through our certification with Climate Active. However, our continued focus needs to be on identifying ways to reduce and where possible eliminate emissions. Analysis has commenced on areas where we can effectively eliminate our operational emissions, which will inform our 2030 reduction commitment.

climate risk assessment

Climate risk assessment

Our efforts to address climate risk are aimed at ensuring we remain resilient in the face of climate-related challenges. In financial year 2023, we focused on activities such as aligning responsible investment frameworks, delivering climate-risk education to various entity boards, and measuring climate risk across a broader suite of investment portfolios including our MySuper portfolios.

While we have achieved carbon-neutrality for our business emissions, we understand the need to meaningfully reduce emissions generated through our operations where possible. We extended the assessment of climate risk across our range of in-house managed, diversified investment portfolios. 

biodiversity conversation

Biodiversity and conservation

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and reducing biodiversity loss and is essential to achieving global climate change goals. We are at the beginning of our journey to understand how Insignia Financial currently impacts biodiversity. We are engaging with external consultants to understand how we can better manage our conservation efforts. 

ESG report

Working towards a sustainable future

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