Insignia Community Foundation

Our commitment to the community

The Insignia Community Foundation partners with Australian not-for-profit organisations to help create financial wellbeing for people who have limited access to opportunities.

In recognition of the long history of the Insignia Financial Group and the important role it has played in supporting the community since 1846, the IOOF Foundation was established as a not-for-profit in June 2002 as part of the demutualisation of IOOF Limited. In July 2024, the IOOF Foundation was renamed to Insignia Community Foundation.

Today, the Insignia Community Foundation continues its strong commitment to community by partnering with Australian not-for-profit organisations. It aims is to create financial wellbeing for people who have limited access to opportunities through education and employment. The Foundation also has a legacy of supporting basic needs of members of the community by providing vital items so people can go about their daily life.

Through the Foundation and Insignia Financial’s CommUnity program, around $1.2 million dollars each year is donated to not-for-profit organisations. Our CommUnity program also supports our employees to contribute their skills and time by volunteering in meaningful ways and donating through workplace giving and fundraising.

Community Grants Program

The Insignia Community Foundation grants funding twice a year in July and December. We look for impactful programs addressing and relieving a specific need of people in the community, and look to ensure people who participate in the program will leave the program in a better way.

People usually supported through our grants are low-income families, at-risk young people and those who are experiencing inequalities. Specifically, the Foundation supports the community across five impact areas:

Financial wellbeing

Improving skills, confidence and know-how of people so they can achieve greater financial wellbeing now and into the future. Programs being supported may include those that help people understand their finances better, training that leads to employment or initiatives that keep students in school.

Basic needs

We support initiatives that provide vital and basic items to people so they can go about their daily life, such as items to make people feel more included, healthier, happier, or enable people to be more financially secure.


Aligning with Insignia Financial’s Reconciliation Action Plan, we aim to further the endeavours of First Nations people through employment, business ownership, education and financial training.

Diversity and inclusion

We support inclusion, diversity and wellbeing in the community through programs that enable social participation for all.

Mental health

We aim to address mental health challenges for people of all ages with access to quality care, support and resources.