Shaping client experience through purpose-led innovation

Shaping client experience through purpose-led innovation

Insignia Financial has sharpened its focus on purpose-led innovation, announcing a new partnership with Personetics. This collaboration will trial the use of technology to deepen personalisation, tailor information and create new user experiences to reach those who do not currently receive financial advice.

Given the limited number of Australians who currently receive financial advice, many more Australians need help and guidance to understand and manage their day-to-day finances. Insignia Financial’s ambition is to provide financial wellbeing for all Australians. This includes addressing key needs such as improving financial literacy, which is having the skills and knowledge to make informed and effective decisions concerning your financial resources to reach your goals. Having a confident understanding of your saving behaviours, attitudes to debt, risk and investing can lead to an overall sense of financial wellbeing.

Renato Mota, Insignia Financial CEO commented, Consumer financial wellbeing is dependent on a continuum of support – from a basic household budget to comprehensive financial advice. We see a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of Australians by making help, guidance and advice more accessible and affordable. There is a clear need for bold thinking and more innovative solutions to complement traditional advice models.

Insignia Financial is the first Australian financial wellbeing organisation to partner with renowned financial data personalisation experts at Personetics to turn data into insights, and help people understand their financial situation.

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