Insignia Financial grows automation footprint

Insignia Financial grows automation footprint

Insignia Financial Ltd (“Insignia Financial”) has saved tens of thousands of hours since 2019, when it implemented “Optimus”, its first digital worker created with Automation Anywhere. Since then, Insignia Financial’s digital workforce has steadily increased and now automates 60+ processes, reducing costs and improving business efficiencies.

Insignia Financial teamed up with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in cloud-native intelligent automation, three years ago to deploy digital workers powered by the Automation Success Platform. Designed to accelerate business transformation, Insignia Financial successfully scaled its automation program saving an average of 15,000 hours per month (in terms of full-time employee work hours1).

Digital workers are intelligent software bots that automate processes to achieve efficiencies across various business units, ranging from Finance to Operations and HR bringing together both digital and human capabilities. For instance, one of the responsibilities for digital worker Optimus, is to update Insignia Financial’s superannuation rollover information into the company’s registry systems. As a result, the implementation of Optimus has freed up the time of several employees to dedicate their skills to other parts of the business.

Intelligent automation has provided the equivalent of 100+ full time workers at one-tenth of the human cost, allowing Insignia Financial to focus employee work hours on more high-value analytical and client facing roles.

Frank Lombardo, Chief Operating & Technology Officer, Insignia Financial, said: “Automation has enabled competitive advantages by freeing up our people to do what they do best – supporting our clients, solving problems, improving processes, conducting analyses, and other value-added work – resulting in higher employee engagement and achieving better results for our clients.

“Through our collaboration with Automation Anywhere, Shadforth Financial Group, part of Insignia Financial’s advice network, has also benefited from digital workers. Where previously the paraplanning team would update client details on a PDF that would be distributed to clients, now a bot automatically completes and forwards the required forms to clients, with the error rate dropping to near zero.”

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1 Based on 7.2 hours per day at 22 business days a month.