Insignia Financial announces new operating model and executive team changes

Insignia Financial announces new operating model and executive team changes

Insignia Financial has announced a major overhaul of its operating model and a new executive team, to drive growth and provide clearer lines of accountability to simplify and streamline the business.

In a move away from the current functional operating model, and the first major change for the business under new CEO Scott Hartley, the new structure will centre around four dedicated lines of business: Asset Management, Superannuation (Master Trust), Wrap Platform and Advice. Each business line will be led by an executive with end-to-end accountability to drive positive sustainable growth and profitability, improve customer outcomes and the customer experience.

Insignia Financial Chief Executive Officer Scott Hartley, said:

“Since joining Insignia Financial in March, I’ve taken the time to meet with and listen to our stakeholders, including our boards, team members, shareholders, regulators and key customer groups on where the opportunities lie for us as a business, what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better. These decisive changes address that feedback and will ultimately allow us to simplify and streamline our operating model to ensure we are better aligned to deliver to our customers, and all our stakeholders, now and into the future.

“Under our new operating model, each line of business will be led by an executive focused on specific customer segments and competitive landscapes, allowing for tailored strategies that drive profitable growth and enhance customer satisfaction. This new structure will provide clear lines of accountability, enabling more effective and timely decision-making, to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness and enhance Insignia Financial’s risk culture and governance.

“I strongly believe Insignia Financial has the opportunity to be an industry leader and these changes will support meaningful and sustainable improvement in operational efficiency and earnings growth, enhance economies of scale, and will enable the business to be more competitive.”

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