Response to 18 January media on unfair dismissal

IOOF response to selective and inaccurate media coverage in relation to unfair dismissal claim

An article in today’s media makes assertions concerning an unfair dismissal claim currently before the Federal Court involving a former employee of IOOF.

IOOF has filed its defence to the claim, only selected parts of which were quoted in the newspaper article.  IOOF is defending the claim and believes that it is inappropriate to comment further on the allegations in the newspaper article as the defence filed, when read in its totality, speaks for itself.

IOOF takes all employee complaints seriously and there is comprehensive set of procedures in place for handling any employee complaints.

IOOF is confident in the robustness of its grievance handling policies and that it acts appropriately in relation to any, and all, employee complaints. IOOF respects the Fair Work Commission and associated legal processes.

Managing workplace relations issues is an important part of business and IOOF’s Code of Conduct, support processes and grievance handling process are a key part of our People and Culture function.