Impact through ESG

Positive impact through sustainable ESG practices is an ongoing commitment and an evolving journey. Here are some of the policies and initiatives we have implemented to support a more sustainable business and ensure we are contributing to the broader community.

Responsible investment

Insignia Financial believes that ESG factors can be a source of opportunity and risk in the management of investment portfolios and can assist in meeting our long-term performance objectives. In addition, we believe that proxy voting and company engagement can influence responsible corporate behaviour.

Corporate governance

Insignia Financial recognises the importance of good corporate governance and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. 

Modern slavery

Insignia Financial is committed to combating modern slavery issues. By proactively addressing these issues, Insignia Financial intends to raise awareness in the community that supporting modern slavery practices either directly or indirectly is abhorrent and does not align with our business’ core values or culture.


Diversity and inclusion

At Insignia Financial we have a culture of belonging. We are an ‘every person’ organisation that welcomes and appreciates everyone for who they are. We recognise and celebrate the value of individual difference. This applies to employees and clients alike.

IOOF Foundation

The IOOF Foundation provides grants that support Australian not-for-profit organisations working with disadvantaged families, disadvantaged children and youth and aged care.