Diversity and inclusion

At Insignia Financial we have a culture of belonging. We are an ‘every person’ organisation that welcomes and appreciates everyone for who they are. We recognise and celebrate the value of individual difference. This applies to employees and clients alike.

Diversity and inclusion lies at the very heart of our culture. We believe that by creating an environment that allows people to be themselves, they will feel connected to the organisation and allow them to be their best. This is a key enabler to sustainable business success, ensuring we attract and retain the best people.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on creating a level playing field focused on six groups within our community:

  1. Pride – the LGBTQIA+ community
  2. Accessibility – those with disabilities or those caring for people with disabilities
  3. Reconciliation – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  4. Life and family – parents, guardians, those looking to start a family, those with caring responsibilities and different age demographics
  5. Gender – all genders
  6. Multicultural – cultural, religion, heritage and background differences
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Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Plan

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